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Whether you're writing a book, planning a video marketing campaign, or need content for your website, I'm here to help. Let's share your story with the world!


Before you send your manuscript to a literary agent or publisher, strengthen your story with a manuscript evaluation. Get encouragement and constructive suggestions for taking your work to the next level. Get help with character development, flow, pacing, style, and other structural issues to shape the best story possible.

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Copy editing includes a full manuscript review to ensure proper and consistent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Employing a second set of eyes can help get your manuscript ready for publishing and looking its very best.

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Just call me the typo hunter. Actually, maybe don't. But even the best writers can benefit from fresh set of eyes to double check manuscripts or marketing materials. Skip this step and you might print expensive mistakes. Better safe than sorry!

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Need written content for your book, website, publication, or marketing materials? I provide original copywriting and ghost writing services for a wide range of topics, including arts & culture, marketing, real estate, weather, science, human resources, and more.

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From product photography, to professional head shots, to family portraits, I love to tell stories without words and helping people feel confident on camera. Combine services for a full author package including edits and book jacket portraits.

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I have over 20 years of professional experience in video and documentary production. From script consultations to final video edits, I can help you bring your book trailer or personal branding to life on camera. Studio location coming soon.

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Need some help updating your website? I can help you launch and maintain a professional WordPress site even if you have no experience with HTML or coding. Build your business or personal brand platform to share your story with a broader audience.

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Quality photos and video tours are crucial for marketing real estate. Help your clients buy and sell their homes faster with enticing visual stories. I provide high quality web- and print-ready real estate and marketing images for agents in Milton, Ontario, and the surrounding communities of Georgetown, Oakville, and Burlington.

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What are Line By Line Studio clients saying about Karina?

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CARLY ANDERSON Manager, Cultural Services (Town of Milton)

I have had the pleasure of working with Karina on multiple occasions, most recently during Culture Days at the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton. Karina is keenly aware of her subject matter, and her work goes beyond capturing the moment to effectively conveying the experience.  


The time spent with Karina was invaluable and informative!! I walked away with a better understanding of how to get started with my writing, and I feel much more confident in doing so. Thank you Karina, who would have thought that our paths would cross again, and again in such a way that truly means the world to me! Your ideas were just flowing, and the energy has fueled me! I learned so much. You are amazing, kind, and truly a gift to this industry! Thank you again!

Book cover of Memories A La Carte: Essays on a Life by Kaye Curren, a recent client of Line by Line Studio

Karina Sinclair is the best editor you can hope for. She pours her whole self into an editing project. Weeding out typos and grammatical oversights are just a small portion of the real value of her work. She discovers gaps in story lines and offers valuable suggestions on how to fill them. She addresses both language and content issues to make a manuscript come up to publishable standard. She made my book of essays much, much better. Karina is just transitioning from documentary producer and content creator to editor for many genres. Her greatest problem may be how to clone herself to satisfy the existing and future demands for her editing services.

I am really enjoying your comments and suggestions.  I might be crazy, but your comments come with a beautiful, soft, and patient feeling for me. This has helped me with my confidence and trust that this book will be of use to people.

Storytelling takes so many forms.

My experience as a documentary producer, event photographer, and visual artist all comes together to help you tell your story in whatever medium you need.


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