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Need a website? Of course you do! Help your potential clients and fans find you. Even if you’re active on social media, you still want to have a home base that’s all your own.

Website and Social Media Consulting


For all those artists who’d rather create in their studio instead of planning posts and tweets, I’ve got your back! I can help establish your social media presence, and support your artistic story line as needed. I have designed several social media workshops geared towards artists, and remain active within the arts community.


The best time to start promoting your book is about two years before you publish it. The second best time to start is today. Attract loyal fans to your books and website with engaging video trailers and interviews on social media. Link your books to Amazon, Indigo, and other book sellers to increase traction, and give your readers a chance to fall in love with you!

Small Business

Relying on social media is like building an empire in rented space. You don’t own it and it can crumble at any time. Having your own website improves your credibility, builds authority, and helps your audience find you faster. We can guide you through the process of starting and maintaining a WordPress website, and then work with you to ensure your site expresses your key messages.

We build WordPress websites that are easy to update and maintain. And we can show you how to do that yourself OR we can take care of that for you. That way, you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Some of our happy consulting clients

We can help walk you through the steps to initiate your website start to finish, like picking and securing a domain name and choosing a hosting plan. Then you can just leave the rest up to us.

Web Hosting Recommendation

We use Web Hosting Canada for our web domain and website hosting. After trying many other hosting services, we’ve found WHC to be reliable and fast. They’re also Canadian, which is something we always like to support. We are an affiliate, but only because we’ve been so satisfied with their service.

Web Hosting Canada
Web Hosting Canada

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