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Line By Line Studio has collaborated with Enable Education to create a boutique production studio in Milton, Ontario.

It’s the perfect space for authors, public speakers, trainers, and businesses to produce videos, podcasts, audio books, and portraits.

Book Trailers & Promos

Entice potential readers and media outlets with video trailers and scenes to promote your book.

Portraits & Headshots

Present a professional image with a new headshot for your jacket cover, website, and social profiles.

Scripted Video Production

With a teleprompter, quality audio, and clean backdrops, recording a scripted video is a breeze.

Audio Books

Create another way for fans to enjoy your stories. Record an audio book or narrative snippets.


Reach an ever-growing audience with a podcast featuring your niche content and expertise.

Web Design

Build your author platform or business brand with a WordPress website.

Video Production without the drama

Sure, you could record a selfie video on your phone. It might even look pretty good. But when you need a professionally polished cornerstone video with balanced audio, custom graphics, and refined messaging for your website, demo reel, or promotions, get some help from experienced industry experts. I have a network of graphic designers, music composers, narrators, and other storytelling experts ready to help you.

Recently, I collaborated with professional speaking coach Jason Reid and video brand expert Sheryl Plouffe to provide signature videos for personal brands. It was fun for everyone, easy for the client, and they got the star treatment as part of the package. In the end, the clients got clean videos they’ll be proud to share, as well as brand new head shots.

See the early days of construction as a white boxy room becomes a creative space for storytelling.

Outside The Studio

Line By Line is also available for on-location production. Here are a few examples of videos I’ve recorded on client’s premises or edited using supplied graphics.

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