Photos & Video Production

Photos & Video Production

Visual Storytelling

There are many ways to tell a story. More and more, video is the way to go. I have nearly two decades of experience in video production. From long-form documentaries to promos and sizzle reels, I’ve produced countless hours of video content. I can help you do this, too! Video is a dynamic way to build your brand and express your ideas in an engaging way. Whether you’re a small business launching a new campaign, or a real estate agent listing a house, or an author marketing a new book, I can help you tell your story.

I provide script consultations, photography, videography, and video-editing services. Contact me to talk about how video can help you reach more customers.

Documentary Production

I’ve produced 2 different documentary series. Stormhunters: This series highlights extreme weather and the people who survive (and thrive) through tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and furious storms. ¬†Unearthed: Two adventurers explore the farthest reaches of the world to discover how climate and civilizations come together to create a culture.

Promo Production

Using video to promote your small business doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I can combine original photos and video to create a promo tailored to you. Give your potential customers an overview, or promote something specific. For example, here’s what I did for Kangaroo Creek Farm. It’s fun and ready for sharing on social media.

I can also help you promote a specific event with relatively few images and a targeted call-to-action. The square crop is perfect for sharing on Instagram.

Sometimes, you only get a few seconds to make an impact. Do you want to reach your audience in a few minutes, or even just a few seconds? I can help!

I love helping individuals and small businesses with their crowd-sourcing videos. It’s so much fun to support bright ideas.

Real Estate Photography and Video

Are you looking for photography and video services to compliment your real estate services? I love working with agents local to Milton, Ontario. Click here for more details.


Just call me the typo hunter. Actually, maybe don't. But if you need a second set of eyes to double check your manuscript or marketing materials, let's work together.
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Manuscript Evaluations

Before you send your manuscript to a literary agent or publisher, strengthen your story with a manuscript evaluation. Get encouragement and constructive suggestions for taking your work to the next level.