Editing Services

Editing Services


Manuscript Evaluation

Before you submit to an editor, or have a proofreader fix a single typo, a manuscript evaluation can strengthen your creative storyline. I can help identify and resolve issues you might be having with pacing, characterization, narrative voice, style, and more. I’ll read your manuscript to get a sense of the story, then re-read with attention to the elements you wish to improve. You will then be provided with an evaluation letter outlining my suggestions with the encouragement you deserve to see your words come to life.

Book cover of Memories A La Carte: Essays on a Life by Kaye Curren, a recent client of Line by Line Studio
Memories A La Carte: Essays on a Life by Kaye Curren

A recent client has successfully self-published her memoirs! She came to me seeking help with transitions between her stories and general flow of narrative from beginning to end. I helped point out areas I loved, areas that needed more detail, and areas that needed less! Together, we re-shaped a number of stories for consistency and style, all while maintaining the author’s voice. Now, my client has realized a dream to be published! I love it!

Substantive Editing

Let’s continue to work side by side as you develop your storylines. I’m here as a sounding board to cheer you on towards “The End.” Or is it “To be continued...”?

Small Business Social Media for Artists

For all those artists who’d rather create in their studio instead of planning posts and tweets, I’ve got your back! I can help establish your social media presence, and support your artistic storyline as needed. I have designed several social media workshops geared towards artists, and remain active within the arts community.

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Just call me the typo hunter. Actually, maybe don't. But if you need a second set of eyes to double check your manuscript or marketing materials, let's work together.
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Manuscript Evaluations

Before you send your manuscript to a literary agent or publisher, strengthen your story with a manuscript evaluation. Get encouragement and constructive suggestions for taking your work to the next level.