Production Samples

Over the span of my video production career, I’ve enjoyed working on a wide range of stories. News, documentaries, promotions, and educational videos all require a different approach but engaging the audience is always the most important goal.

Karina shot, recorded, and edited videos for a virtual training course and what I liked the most was that she took the time to understand my business and goals before we did any script creation or shooting.
She has a great eye for what makes an amazing shot, plus she was easy to work with which reduced my stress quite a bit. The end product speaks for itself, and I’d be more than happy to work with her again!

Lean Change Management Coach & Author

The opportunity to work with Karina Sinclair, owner of Line By Line Studio, to create my promotional video was simply a pleasure!  Karina has amazing professional insight, which together with her keen ability to make clients feel completely at ease while on video, created both a fun experience and an impactful video. I highly recommend Karina if you are looking to work with an experienced professional who knows how to make your message come alive!

Lisa Taraba

ACC, ELI-MP, MEd, BSc, iThrive Coaching

Book Editing

Children's Fiction

If You Met A Yeti prompts school-age children to ponder big questions. Written in a poetic cadence, this book also had words in a foreign language. Editing it required confirming the translations and observing not just the written word, but how it sounded when spoken aloud.

Spiritual Health

Where Your Mind Goes Energy Flows: A Self-Healing Manual for the Mind and Body was a joy to edit, but also required collaborating with the book designer who had already created a layout around original illustrations. I loved reading the material and helping the author polish her first, but gorgeous and thoughtful book.

Instructional Materials

I learned more about transport truck air brakes than I ever knew possible when I was asked to proofread the final versions of the Ministry of Transportation’s handbook on the top. I also proofread the motorcycle handbook, coordinating the final pdfs with the designer.

Manuscript Evaluation

Kaye Curren put a call out on social media looking for help with her memoir. What started out as a helpful gesture soon bloomed into a rewarding relationship for both as I helped Kaye refine transitions between her essays, develop more detail in her descriptions, and rearranged some major chapters to improve flow.

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