About Me

About Me


Karina Sinclair, Editor, Writer, Photographer, Video ProducerMy name is Karina. I’m a longtime lover of fine words and clever turns of phrase. I love to read and will resort to reading cereal boxes and appliance manuals when in between books. I’m a Virgo with strong perfectionist tendencies, with a nice Libra sensibility to balance the scales. Typos jump off the page wherever I go. I bite my tongue when loved ones use incorrect grammar; I don’t want to be that person. But if you’re looking for someone to help you proofread grammar and spelling, I’m glad to help! Or maybe you’re in the middle of spinning a good yarn and aren’t sure where to take your storyline? Send me a note!


I have nearly 20 years of professional storytelling experience as a documentary producer and content creator.

I was the lead script-writer/producer for an extreme weather documentary series which has aired on National Geographic and other national networks. Every day I was challenged with taking a complex scientific topic and making it easily enjoyed by non-scientists. My love of storytelling has led to a mild addiction to running blogs, with niche topics like homemade ice cream, artisanal beer, the local art scene, mental health, and the importance of girls studying STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Between posting to blogs and editing scripts for television, I shuffle knee-deep in verbs and nouns with glee. I’m also a photographer, a musician, and an artist…all passions which require a keen eye for composition, balance, and attention to detail. I also loved being a member of Toastmasters™, where the focus is not only on speech writing, but evaluation of delivery.

I’m SO excited to work with you. Let’s create great things together!


Just call me the typo hunter. Actually, maybe don't. But if you need a second set of eyes to double check your manuscript or marketing materials, let's work together.
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